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Nov 03, 2021  

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The receiving unit

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405 holds reception indicators sequentially acquired by repetitive transmission/reception carried out for every ultrasound transducing factor 202 a, and adds them collectively. The receiving unit 405 outputs the reception alerts or a signal obtained by the above addition . 15 is a block diagram showing the association of an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus having a operate of diagnosing an ultrasound probe according to the second and third embodiments. This equipment may be realized as an ultrasound probe diagnosing apparatus by omitting the medical diagnosing unit 112.

The above determination can subsequently be properly performed in consideration of the characteristics of every sort of ultrasound probe. The upkeep operator can easily and reliably acknowledge the need of maintenance for the ultrasound probe 200 by checking the dedication end result. The determining unit 710 determines, on the basis of the measurement information output from the measuring unit 706 and information equipped from the storage medium 707 beneath the management of the management unit 711, whether or not the ultrasound probe 200 is normal. The determining unit 710 supplies the determination end result to the control unit 711.

The medical diagnosing unit 411 additionally includes an imaging management unit 411 a, picture generating unit 411 b, reminiscence unit 411 c, and show unit 411 d. The imaging control unit 411 a controls the transmitting unit 404, receiving unit 405, and image producing unit 411 b so as to carry out proper imaging processing in accordance with diagnosis contents or the like. The picture generating unit 411 b generates display data for displaying a picture for medical prognosis on the premise of the signals output from the receiving unit 405. The show unit 411 d performs display operation based on the show knowledge. The medical diagnosing unit 112 also consists of an imaging management unit 112 a, image producing unit 112 b, memory unit 112 c, and display unit 112 d.

As a consequence, the digital alerts of the reflected ultrasound indicators from the channels CHR, CHM, and CHL are obtained and input to the measuring unit 106. The measuring unit 106 then measure occasions TR, TM, and TL taken between thrilling the transducers R, M, and L and receiving the corresponding reflected ultrasound signals. According to the eleventh embodiment, the reference probe picture obtained by image simulation using the best ultrasound probe having ideal characteristics is introduced along with the above examine probe image. This allows the maintenance operator to more simply and correctly acknowledge the diploma of influence of a deterioration within the ultrasound probe 200 on picture analysis by comparing the check probe image with the reference probe image. The transmitting unit 1004 transmits excitation signals for exciting ultrasound transducing parts 202 a. The transmitting unit 1004 can transmit excitation indicators for the respective ultrasound transducing components 202 a in parallel.

The image I3 could also be changed by a photograph obtained by the digital digital camera if the maintenance operator demands that the photograph be presented. In this case, the picture O3 reveals flaws, cladding peeling, contamination or the like, if any on the time of photographing. The photograph is subsequently helpful in diagnosing the ultrasound probe 200. The medical diagnosing unit 811 also includes an imaging management unit 811 a, image generating unit 811 b, reminiscence unit 811 c, and display unit 811 d.

The picture producing unit 1012 b generates show knowledge from the signal generated by the display processing unit 1009. Display operation based on a signal generated by a display processing unit 909 may be carried out by a show unit 911 d. In this case, the show processing unit 909 is related to the picture generating unit 911 b. The picture generating unit 911 b generates show data from the sign generated by the show processing unit 909. As described above, in accordance with this embodiment, a prognosis end result regarding every channel is displayed in correspondence with the position of the corresponding contact 201 a belonging to the channel within the connector 201. If, due to this fact, a failure has occurred in any of the channels, the maintenance operator can easily know, by solely visible statement, to which one of the contacts 201 a the channel belongs.

21, an illustration of a few of the constituent components of the main unit 500 proven in FIG. 20 is a view displaying how the ultrasound probe is related to the connector 501 shown in FIG. 20, an illustration of some of the constituent parts of the principle unit 500 shown in FIG. Third Embodiment The operation of an ultrasound diagnostic apparatus in accordance with the third embodiment will be described under. In diagnosing the ultrasound probe 200, a maintenance operator places a take a look at object in a medium such as water in a vessel similar to a water bath and in addition makes a head unit 202 face the check object in advance, as shown in FIG. The upkeep operator adjusts the space between the ultrasound probe 200 and the check object in order to position the reflecting surface of the test object on the focus level of the ultrasound probe 200.

If the time TR is larger than the time TL, the processing of the navigation processing unit 110 advances from step Sb7 to step Sb8 to set the variable NFD to “−1”. If the time TM is the same as the time TL, the processing of the navigation processing unit 110 advances from step Sb7 to step Sb8 to set the variable NFD to “0”. If the time TM is smaller than the time TL, the processing of the navigation processing unit one hundred ten advances from step Sb7 to step Sb10 to set the variable NFD to “1”. In step Sb3, the navigation processing unit a hundred and ten compares the time TM with the major target time TF notified from the management unit 111. If the time TM is larger than the focus time TF, the processing of the navigation processing unit 110 advances from step Sb3 to step Sb4 to set the variable NFL to “−1”.

The management unit 111 also has a function of sending information needed for processing within the navigation processing unit a hundred and ten from the storage medium 107 to the navigation processing unit one hundred ten. The head unit 202 is formed by arraying a plurality of ultrasound transducing parts 202 a one-dimensionally or two-dimensionally. Each of the ultrasound transducing components 202 a is connected to the connector 201 through a sign line 203 a supplied in the cable unit 203. The connector 201 is supplied with contacts 201 a connected to the signal lines 203 a.

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